100rb myself

Basically I am a postgraduate 28 years old Indian guy,and 100rb (Saurabh) its my pen name the unique one because this gives me a feel of GOD,an energy hundred time inside me.So then 100rb=hundred time power of GOD n that power is my heart . So i really not only like but I feel this, love this.

                                             I like to reading n writing poetry ,shayari ,stories on love . But after read  so many i feel that mostly literature are not real nor a good explanation or definition of real 4 ever love , so i decided to come here to share my self with you. i love all the real 4 ever lovers. And i dislike cheaters, liars n dishonest peoples.

This is a place where you can share your real 4 ever love stories , your love views , thoughts, your hurting , and your most valuable comments n suggestions to me and the whole world .

so please give me your support yaar

Main koi mashoor shayar to nahi huu

bs apna dil likhne ki koshish karta huu yaaro

tum Kb tak yuhi chup chap rahoge sirf

Follow karo ,Like karo , share karo

aur mast se kuch comment bhi maro


hume kuch kahna tha aapse ,aur kuch sunna hai aapse .

8 thoughts on “About

  1. msarora says:

    Hello Saurabh…thanks for a follow on
    My blog. I liked the way you have described yourself 100rb….. happy to be connected with you. Hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts in my blog.
    Keep writing …..

    Liked by 1 person

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